Pink zone: Chikyû ni ochite kita rajo

Pink zone: Chikyû ni ochite kita rajo

Kiss thrown at the shining crotch star! I've been eating you for tens of thousands of light years. Men who have been fucked by naked beauty become ash ...Aug. 25, 2017Japan70 Min.Not Rated

On the rooftop of the building, Urata, who has a large debt, was trying to get over the fence with a determined attitude. Then, a dazzling light of a line runs. Urata also forgot that he was trying to commit suicide, and when he headed for the direction where the light disappeared, Sora (Abeno Miku), a naked woman, fell in the suspicious light. Urata takes Sora home and takes care of her in the room, but when she wakes up, she has a power that is unworldly. On the other hand, Kiriyama, a debt collector who pursues Urata, suddenly sees a naked woman, Riri (Yukine Sakuragi), who has fallen with the light, and is suddenly thrown away. Pink zone Chikyu ni ochite kita rajo (2017)

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