Obscene Trap

Obscene Trap

Sep. 22, 2023Korea

Who is the culprit? Are you a stalker?
Mi-yeon, an elite woman with a mysterious past, and her husband, Yeong-jeon, a novelist who doesn’t know her secret. Mi-yeon is the head of a large corporation. She is a woman who enjoys a free-spirited sex life and is married to a novelist, Yeong-jeon. On the other hand, a married couple, Taeh-yeon and Seo-ra, moved into their neighboring house. Seo-ra takes a private lecture from Yeong-jeon to learn about his novel. Mi-yeon and Tae-hyeon met in the past and have been close to each other for a long time, while Yeong-jeon is also attracted to Seo-ra. Tae-hyeon and Seo-ra always enjoy sex role plays about rape situation drama, but one day Tae-hyeon is found stabbed to death. According to the circumstances, Mi-yeon is suspected of being the murderer.

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