Lecturer: A Woman Who Hunts Rapists

Lecturer: A Woman Who Hunts Rapists

Jul. 31, 2023Korea

An erotic film about a detective chasing a rapist.

The detective, who started to go undercover in pursuit of a sexual assault criminal every year, attracts a female successor, Soon-nam, for job satisfaction. However, he loses interest in Soon-nam’s easygoing personality, which he cannot find any charm in, and just focuses on the case. Perhaps thanks to his concentration, he discovers suspicious traces of the rapist and attacks the crime scene. But what is this?! The extraordinary ability of the criminal is very close to that of a psychic. A detective who, let alone already caught a lot of felons, became a slave under the rapist’s hypnosis. Suddenly, in front of such a detective, another mysterious person with superpowers appears wearing a sexy miniskirt. Lecturer A Woman Who Hunts Rapists.

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