Extraordinary Sex Overflowing with Water

Extraordinary Sex Overflowing with Water

Sep. 22, 2023Korea

Scene 1. (At the beach) A fit man and a glamorous woman walk together on the beach. Even with the man’s lame jokes, the woman still smiles brightly. At that moment, a vibration sounds, and she looks embarrassed and says she will answer the phone for a moment. Running alone to a remote place, she took out a vibrator, not a phone. Wearing a vibrator deep inside her body, the man makes a secret time with her, who has something special.

Scene 2. (At the pool) A couple went in together to swim and play in an empty pension pool. They seem to enjoy playing in the water for a while, but soon they start touching each other’s bodies to relieve their sexual desire.

Scene 3. (At the establishment) A man waiting to have sex with the woman. Then a gangster arrives, scares the man who was waiting, and then he goes in first and has sex with the woman.

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